Building a seamless booking experience

In the space of a year Encore has gone from an online community of a few thousand musicians to marketplace for over 20,000 musicians. Since January 2016 the number of bookings has increased by an average of 35% each month.

The problem

The original payment system required clients to pay musicians directly. This was no longer fit for purpose.

I designed a new system allowing clients to book, manage and seamlessly pay musicians. And a secure platform for musicians to easily find gigs, manage their bookings and be securely paid within 48 hours of the gig.

Research & understand

Project goals

Encore was designed to allow musicians to manage their own bookings. We wanted to give them the tools to do this.

First steps - Asking musicians what they needed

Each month we invite Encore musicians to join us at our office for drinks. It's an opportunity for the community to network and hear out the latest updated but it also allowed us to speak directly to users. We were able to find out exactly what would make getting gigs and managing them easier for the musicians.

Conducting user surveys

A benefit to having a particularly active community of musicians was the response rate to monthly surveys we sent out.

Analytics tools

Using a number of different analytics tool such as Mouseflow, Google Analytics and Mix Panel I was able to build funnels and segmentation to see form conversions and drop offs.


Generating lots of ideas

Having gathered insight directly from users and data from analytics tools we were able to see the key areas that needed improving. It also provided us with a wealth of ideas we could develop into new features.


Turning user insight into ideas and concepts for the musicians booking system.

User flows

I created user flows to clearly map out the journeys both our musicians and clients were taking. This allowed us to see the areas that needed improving or redesigning.

Testing out ideas

Usability testing

Over the course of a week we conducted 20 usability-testing sessions. During the first half of the week I sat down with musicians and using a prototype we created went through a typical application process.

In the second half of the week I sat down with clients and again using a prototype we had created went through the process of booking a musician.

Testing showed us 3 main area crucial to the creating a seamless experience

Both musicians and clients needed as much information about the event as possible.

The type of language we used was key.

Giving the process a human touch would help secure a booking.

Iterate and build

The project is still on going as we are iterating designs based on the feedback we received from the user-testing.

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