Drawing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print, Photography & other...

The A-Level fine art years

During my A-Levels I loved the artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell. His style influenced my own work particularly his character scenes using friends and family. Medium of choice pencil paper and acrylic paint.

Visualisations, 3D renders & detailed drawings

The Architectural Degree

Studying Architecture at University exposed me to the digital side of art. I improved my drawing skills, sketching and producing detailed pencil and pen plans and elevations. I learnt how to create visualisations with Photoshop, and built 3D models with Sketchup and rendered them in Maxwell Render.

Print, photography & screen printing

Keeping creative

After graduating I continued to illustrate, draw and design. I picked up screen printing, worked on magazines designing and laying out spreads. I also joined a not-for-profit arts organisation for emerging artists where I designed their monthly magazine and produced show and promotional material for their gallery.